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  • Ecochirp

    Ecochirp is a market leading transmitter designed to provide consumption data for billing, monitoring and targeting.

    The Ecochirp counts pulses from any pulsed output including electricity, water and gas meters. Once installed, the Ecochirp will transmit consumption data as well as tamper and battery information via radio at regular intervals.


    Once installed, the Ecochirp transmitter counts the pulses from the meter and transmits them at periodic intervals to the RT:Wi5 Data Concentrator or other Radio-Tech receivers.


    Once connected to the meter, the Ecochirp transmitter can be easily mounted using a small bracket which can be attached anywhere near the meter. For hazardous area applications such as gas metering there is an ATEX certified version.


    In operation the transmitter accumulates and stores the pulses output from meter pulse head or reed switch and transmits or "chirps" the total in a secure data packet along with a status and unique ID address at regular intervals.


    Waterproofing is guaranteed through an encapsulation technique performed during manufacturing. This allows the transmitter to be installed in inhospitable areas such as meter pits or service shafts without harmful effects to performance.


    Transmitters such as Radio-Tech’s Ecochirp are simple to deploy, low cost, simple to use and the reading is obtained as cumulative total compatible with both modern and legacy billing systems.


    Key Features

    • Easy to install
    • Durable, IP68
    • Tamper alarm
    • Exclusive Licensed Channel (153MHz)
    • ATEX rated version available
    • Dual input units available
    • 10 year battery life
    • Can be easily integrated into modern and legacy billing systems and/or software

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