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    MultiLog LX Data Logger

    Integral SMS/GPRS Telemetry                                                         

    MultiLog LX is a highly versatile battery powered data logger with remote SMS/GPRS telemetry. Its sophisticated electronics, robust construction and long battery life have been proven to deliver consistent and reliable data in some of the harshest environments on earth.

    District/Zone Monitoring

    Designed to fit inside very shallow Atplas box installations, the logger is ideal for monitoring flow and/or pressure in a district or zone to assess demand, leakage and conformance.  It can confirm levels of service and provide data to key customers, including psuedo real-time telemetry links.

    Innovative Technology

    MultiLog LX utilises the latest advances in GPRS technology to provide rapid transmission at low cost. Data can now be retrieved more frequently for monitoring and response to events. The logger uses an external antenna to enable the best signal strength position to be accessed.  In poor signal strength areas where GPRS communication may be difficult, advanced SMS data compression techniques enable one daily SMS to download data from two channels of 15 minute sample rate recordings.  

    Multiple Data Transfer Options

    Data can be transmitted to HWM’s secure DataGate web based portal from which it can be viewed on any internet enabled device via the HWM Online website.  Alternatively, the logger can send data directly to a customer specific FTP site or modem.  A local data download option is also available via a convenient Infra-Red interface on the top of the logger. 

    Two-Way Communcation

    To ensure that firmware updates are installed quickly and efficiently, upgrades can now take place remotely, which removes the requirement for expensive and time consuming site visits. 

    Long Battery Life 

    Low power electronics enable the long battery life to be maintained even with increased transmission rates. The replaceable internal batteries will typically power the device for over five years when data is transmitted every eight hours. Three options of low cost external battery packs are available which enables this typical five year life to be maintained when transmitting data every hour, 30 minutes or even down to every 15 minutes.   


    Key Features

    • Frequent transmission at low cost.
    • Up to 2 x digital flow inputs and 1 x analogue input (internal pressure, external pressure or 4-20ma)
    • 4-pin military input connector for one bi-directional digital flow input, or two single direction digital flow inputs for monitoring flow in pipes.
    • Serial input for connection to digital meter, SonicSens or Permalog+
    • External antenna to optimise signal.
    • Local data download via Infra-Red interface into Laptop, PC or PDA.
    • Five year battery life
    • Tough ABS plastic moulded case.
    • Fully sealed & submersible, IP68.

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